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  • The morning of our beloved dog's passing started off horribly. At 15-1/2 yo we knew his last morning with us had arrived. We first called for a home service that said they were booked for the day, and then 2 other close vets, all refused to take him in, including his past Stevenson Ranch vet showing the least compassion and rushing us off the phone. Very thankfully All Creatures said bring him right in. We arrived to an empty waiting room and was escorted to a very special room just for goodbyes, including Hershey kisses for pups. They offered our family as much time as we needed and we sure took it. His passing was the most peaceful ever. Later we received a lovely card signed by many, along with his ashes, 2 ceramic paw prints, multiple fur clippings, paper paw prints and nose prints. We are forever grateful for the compassion and care we received at All Creatures *:)

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  • Although this was the day every pet owner dreads - we took our dear sweet Duke to be put to sleep at All Creatures. As much as it is always a horrific experience to put a beloved pet to sleep, they made it a beautiful experience. From the receptionist Olivia, the tech, Anali and then Dr. Mejia, they treated us and Duke with compassion and care. Dr Mejia explained everything and was so caring. Thank you All Creatures!

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  • I can't say enough good things about the doctors and staff at All Creatures Veterinary. They were so professional and generous in their care for our sick cat.

    Thank you for your help in bringing our cat back to health and we're so happy to have him back home with the family! Cheers! 

    - Geoffrey W.
  • We had the most amazing care of our cat at All Creatures Veterinary. He was quite I'll with bladder and urinary issues which he ended up having two surgeries to correct the condition.

    The entire staff and owners were so professional and generous in caring for our cat and we want to thank them all for providing such a great veterinary service. We highly recommend this business!

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  • super helpful and friendly staff! helped my dog heal!!!

    - Clara M.
  • I am in town from San Diego and my dog appeared to have something wrong with his ear. I went to All Creatures and was immediately greeted by their wonderful staff. My dog was treated by Dr. Michael Siegel. He is the best veterinarian that I have come across. He quickly diagnosed my dog's issue and provided a clear solution. His staff treated my dog with great care and we were on our way. I was expecting a high bill but was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cost of the emergency visit. Overall, I highly recommend All Creatures and Dr. Siegel

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  • first i looked at their 3 stars review and i thought they cant be good but my puppy had an emergency so i had to rush him to this hospital since it was the nearest ! and I AM Amazed 🙂 ! Such lovely people and all the good vibes! 🙂

    From the moment I spoke to Emilia on the phone I justknew taking my dog here would be great! And it was!Very kind and professional people who actually loveanimals! Looking forward to bringing my other doggies for a check upclean so he can see his friends again !

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  • I want to say what a great experience we had with our dog the staff was very caring and helpful especially Allison

    - Manuela C.
  • Our vet was out of town when our dog had an issue I never encountered before. I rushed down to All Creatures and from the front staff to the doctor, everything was a fantastic experience. I waited for a while, but they played movies in the waiting room and did what they could to accommodate me as an emergency walk in. THANK YOU everyone for such a GREAT job!!!!

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  • I want to say a HUGE thank you to Will and the Doctors on duty for taking time out of their days to help a random online request. I had tried looking up my local vet clinic but was directed to these fine people instead. Despite being out of state, Will helped me identify a parasitic bug I found on my dog and confirmed it with the Doctors. I didn't expect a quick reply and thought I'd be sitting in the messager for a day at least before someone got back to me. Will was on top of it and helping me within minutes! We got it figured out, and my golden is on his way to feeling much less itchy!Thank you Will!

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  • They saved my pup twice when she picked up some weed somewhere in the park and got very sick. They called me to update on her condition next morning. I am so glad that people like that exist. They are very kind and caring.

    - Irina K.
  • My dog was bitten my a baby rattlesnake and I wasn't home when it happened. He wasn't taken to the vet until 4 hours later which is a long time. He was not in good shape when we got there and the receptionist met me out front and rushed him back immediately. They were absolutely amazing. I'm lucky to say he survived and recovered extremely quickly thanks to there care. I will be forever grateful for all of them at All Creatures. Erica in the office was so sweet and comforting to me. I recommend them to everyone. It wasn't horribly expensive either considering it was after hours and an emergency. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dexter, the patient, thanks you very much,Thank you Heather Iniguez

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  • I had to find a 24 hour vet when my dog swallowed something. The staff here was so professional, but more importantly very caring (and I have a dog that can be difficult). Surgery was needed and after the surgery was done I received a call giving me the update on how he was doing. After I got my dog home, the office called to check up on my dog. I am grateful for all they did, and I definitely recommend All Creatures Vet.

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  • I have yet to have a bad experience here. My pup has been coming here since his first shots and I've always been treated fairly. When I first arrived I spoke with someone at the front desk; was a little too loud and too pushy. However my overall experience turned out great thanks to Garrett. He was so kind and gentle with my dog, and very informing towards me and about what my dog did and didn't need. He even waited with my pup outside while I was coming back for him! The pricing was reasonable to me so I also give that a thumbs up. Overall, I still keep my loyalty towards this vet!

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  • I took my pug here Christmas evening because my pug had a loose nail & was bleeding a lot. Checking in was pretty simple, you had to fill out some forms. When I arrived there were three patients ahead of us. they took my pug in after 50-55 mins or so, I was in & out within 1.5 hours. I appreciate you all so much, thank you for service & caring for my puggy & bandaging him up! 

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  • TRULY A BLESSING!! Me and my boyfriend had came to All Creatures in the middle of the night bc he had noticed that his 5 month-old pup (Magne) was lethargic and had no appetite. We thought Magne had gotten into the trash and ate some candy, so we had ended up calling AC as they were the only emergency vet that would take us in. We had spent the whole night hoping and praying that Magne's case wasn't severe but unfortunately he had parvo. We weren't the most fortunate at the time with money, so when we had gotten the original vet cost of over $3k, we were so heartbroken to know that we were going to have to endure a loss in the family due to our financial situation. We had hope that there was other ways to pay for the bill so we had asked one of the staff if there was a way to lower the bill in any way. She understood us and our situation and helped us TREMENDOUSLY! She discounted our bill as much as she could and we couldn't thank her enough. We gave her everything we had and in the end we got to take Magne home and supply him with his IV fluids and all of his other medications ourselves, and now it's been about 2 months and Magne is back to his healthy self with his twin sister Roxy and we are absolutely so blessed to know that God was on our side when we had came to All Creatures. I truly want to thank Hayan Zavala, the staff member who really gave us a miracle that night, you gave us another chance with our pup :,)

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  • All Creatures helped our dog, Gracie during a very stressful time. She fell into a pool and was barely moving when we brought her into All Creatures at 10:30 pm. They were all very friendly, knowledgeable and kept us calm as they worked on Gracie. She stayed the night at the Veterinary center and they gave us updates throughout the night on her progress. The next morning they invited us to visit her and give us a chance to see if we could get her to eat and spend time with her. Both Veterinarians, the one at night and the day vet's were good to explain everything to us and give us options. They were very affordable and overall a great experience during a stressful situation. They also saw us face to face with masks. My current Vet will not allow anyone in and only have you drop off then call you and I have felt very uncomfortable. All Creatures allows you in the office, takes precautions to keep everyone and your pets safe and keep you in the loop on what is going on. They will be my Veterinarian for both my dogs. Thank you.

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  • I can not say enough good things about them. Last night, my dog was throwing up blood and no one would take him. I called them and they told me to bring him in immediately. From the second we walked in, everyone was compassionate and kind, which I really needed after hours of trying to find a vet to take him. He needed some tests that were going to take hours, so they kept him overnight with no additional fee. He is back home today, healthy and safe. I truly thank them for making a bad night so much better. I know they rarely get to see people who are having a good day (a hurt or sick pet is so painful) but they treated everyone kindly and with great care. I will recommend them to everyone I know.

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  • Grateful to have an emergency vet close by. The night tech Hayan was amazing. She had great customer service and was very knowledgeable. She gave us a sense of comfort in a stressful situation.

    - Natty P.
  • A huge thank you to the entire team at All Creatures. My girl ate an entire jar of chocolate frosting at 9pm on a Friday night. Their kind, amazing staff swiftly went into action and treated my pup. She's doing well and resting easy. If you have an emergency this place is wonderful! Thanks for saving my baby Harper!

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  • It was Friday night my dog got scratched in the eye by a cat, he couldn't see and was in pain. I called and they said bring him in it was around 12:40am when I brought him in. The staff took my dog in gave him an examination and came and told me the cost and what they are doing. I was happy the eye was not scratched, the staff was so amazing and welcoming. I didn't met doctor but I'm grateful for him. I was there maybe 40 mins. Great experience and 100 perfect recommend. I appreciate them so much !! My dog is doing great!

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  • I want to acknowledge Bianca for her outstanding customer service. Our beloved furbaby passed away late at night, and distraught as we were we called All Creatures Veterinary to inquire on the next step. Bianca was empathetic to our situation and calmly explained the cremation process.

    They were professional, empathetic and caring throughout this entire process. The sympathy card was very thoughtful and our furbaby's paw print just melted our hearts. Thank you to All Creatures Veterinary for being there during this difficult time.

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  • This week has been very stressful.My cat got sick and I was looking for an ER vet and unfortunately I was not able to find any near me I called this place and they were also at capacity. I was extremely frustrated. However Ms. Zavala was kind enough to provide me with referrals, however I had already called most of those places. She was super sweet and helped me calm down and provided me with some guidance. Thank you for being so kind and helpful. I did have to drive far the next day to find a vet that was not at capacity but that is not her fault.

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  • All Creatures Veterinary Center in Newhall was fabulous with my two feral kitties who got spayed. I was so impressed with the speedy recovery of my two feral kitties. I first had the mamma cat spayed and then her daughter. I had to have antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and pain medicine given to both cats as a shot because they are both feral cats. Both girls got all their vaccines m, including the rabies. Finally both girls got tested for FIV and FELV. The Mamma cat was pregnant, so I saw that her body took a little longer to recover. I was so impressed with this place's thoroughness, professionalism, and quality of care. Amazing!! I did not see either cats lick themselves in their surgical areas... not one time. Neither cats could wear a collar after surgery, so it was very important that they did not scratch. And they did not scratch. I am very grateful for all that this place did for my cats.

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