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10 Hot Trends and Topics in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine, like other industries, evolves with technology and advancement. Over time, trends and focal points change. Vets are changing a lot of techniques and methods in veterinary medicine to Read More

4 Common Types of Bone and Joint Conditions in Pets and How to Treat Them

Like humans, dogs and cats can have problems with their bones and joints. Whether it’s due to old age, getting injured, genetics, or a congenital defect, there are many treatment Read More

Happy Howlidays – Preparing Your Pet for Holiday Travel

Introduction: The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means traveling to spend quality time with loved ones. As a pet owner, including your furry friend in the festivities, Read More

Parasites and Prevention

As the weather begins to become nicer, it is a great opportunity to go out and enjoy the day with your pet. However, as the flowers bloom, pesky pests are Read More

10 Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe When You Have Cats

Introduction Cats make wonderful companions, but when you have young children, ensuring their safety around your feline friends becomes a top priority. Cats are generally gentle creatures, but accidents can Read More

10 Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe When You Have Pets

To experienced dog owners or parents, close interaction with children and pets may seem like no big deal – but if dogs decide to retaliate or play in a too Read More

Grooming Your Dog

Grooming is an important aspect of being a dog parent. It doesn’t just make your dog look great but is also an important part of keeping your dog healthy. There Read More

Beware of Blue-Green Algae: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Toxicity

Algae, a fairly common bacteria that thrives in stagnant water sources such as lakes, ponds, and oceans, can be a potential threat to your pets’ health. While most forms of Read More

Fireworks and Your Pet: Prepping Your Pooch for Independence Day

Fireworks may be exciting and fun for you, but your furry friends will likely disagree. The big booms and crackling noises that accompany Fourth of July fireworks can be terrifying Read More

Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month

June is recognized as National Adopt a Cat Month, and it holds a significant reason for being designated as such. This particular time of the year coincides with the peak Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 92 posts


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