As dogs age, they will start to have less energy, might develop cataracts or hearing problems, Dogs older than seven may slow down, sleep more, play less and otherwise show signs of age. But older dogs that get exercise, mental stimulation and good nutrition can avoid some of the physical and cognitive changes that can come along with age.

Introduce new toys and activities
For an older dog, a new toy isn’t just fun and exciting – By introducing new information to your pet, you’re giving him new things to think about–which is, of course, great for his mind. You can start by naming a toy that he already has, and then, once he recognizes it, continue on from there.

Keep your senior social
Try taking a new route during your afternoon walks, or bring him to a different park. The experience of a different location can help provide your dog with mental stimulation. As long as your dog doesn’t show signs of aggression or anxiety, the chance to interact with other dogs will help keep your dog socially active.

Teach new tricks
Asking your dog to learn a new command will test his or her brain against a new challenge.

With these tips, you’ll assure that your pet’s mind stays in peak condition well into his old age. If you have any questions or concerns please call your veterinarian for more information.

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