As you travel along the country roads of Castaic you will find Casa Metcalf tucked away in the mountains of a beautiful little equestrian community. This is the forever home for our colt that was featured in the Arabian Horse Giveaway.
Our winner Garrett and his fiancé Allie have been looking for a new horse to bring into their family. Garrett’s parents, Manette and Marv have raised their family around horses and have a beautiful Paint and Quarter Horse that trot thru the field at the front of their property.

Garrett and Allie have two daughters. Grace is 4 and Georgia is 8 weeks old. Grace completely lived up to her name and is full of confidence and agility in her pink cowgirl boots. She met me in the family kitchen and promptly told me that she had a surprise coming today. When asked what the surprise was she exclaimed…. CHICKENS!! Apparently she has been bugging her dad to build a chicken coop for sometime now.

As we await for Dr Sandhu and his Nephew Harry to arrive with the colt we discretely chat about their entry and reaction to winning the colt. (All the while not using the words colt or horse. Lol) Allie discovered our giveaway on the Facebook page for All Creatures Veterinary Center. Her pets have been going to All Creatures for years and Allie is one of our loyal followers.

On the day of the drawing we announced a hint about our winner on Facebook and Instagram. We also sent the winner an email requesting that they contact us.
Allie was out with the girls when the announcement came in. Garrett tried time and again to reach Allie but to no avail the call kept dropping off. As Allie was driving up she was met by Garrett waving his arms and the phone, yelling, WE GOT THE HORSE!!!

Marv and Grace spotted the truck in the driveway first. Grace threw open the door and with a tiny bit of confusion said, horses?? She met Dr Sandhu in the driveway where he quickly took her over to the trailer to open the door to her long awaited surprise. With a look of awe, joy and a little chicken confusion, Grace was priceless. This little girl and the look on her beautiful little face is one that Dr Sandhu will hold in his heart forever.

Thru out the morning we admired the elegance and beauty of the stunning Arabian Colt before us. He quickly bonded with Garret, Grace and Marv. Once the horses out front caught wind of him they sped thru the feild voicing their presence. This could not have been a more perfect day for our colt.

On behalf of Dr Sandhu, the entire staff at Dr Sandhu Animals, Inc and Sandhu Arabians we welcome the Metcalf’s to our family. We are looking forward to a lifetime of memories as we watch your family grow.

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