How Much Water Should My Pet DrinkHave you been filling up your pet’s water bowl more frequently during our little heatwave? I can barely keep up with my pack lately.

Did you know that in order to keep your pet properly hydrated they require 1oz of water per 1lb of bodyweight?

We have put together a few tips to help you encourage your pet to stay properly hydrated during our endless days of triple digits:

💧Add water to their food – Pet food (especially kibble) has a very low moisture content. This differs from the varied food diet that we eat as humans and makes water intake even more important. Mixing in water with their dry food, or giving them wet food on occasion, will go a long way in getting them the water they need.

💧Add flavor to their water – Pouring some chicken or beef broth in your pet’s water bowl is an easy way to encourage them to drink more!

💧Consider a Pet Water Fountain – Running water is a more natural way for pets to drink. This is because they are instinctively drawn to streams and rivers where water is flowing and safe. Pet fountains mimic this sight and sound and encourage them to quench their thirst.

💧Replace water daily – Your pet is more likely to lap up clean, freshwater so it is important to wash his dish and replace water daily.

💧Find a cool area – If your pet’s water bowl is in the warm sun, he is less likely to drink. Try to select a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

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